Conference Topic

Conference Theme

The Development, Reform and Innovation of the Concept, System and Regime of Maritime Law in the “New Era”



1.  Reformulation of the lexmaritima in the modern time & revision of the Chinese Maritime Code

2.  Protections provided by maritime law in the Belt & Road construction and in the economic globalization and trade liberalization

3.  New legal issues in shipping industry in the post-financial crisis era: ship financing security and cross-border insolvency

4.  Prospects of the Rotterdam Rules at its 10th anniversary

5.  Protection of cruise ship passengers’ rights and interests

6.  Fair treatment of seafarers

7.  New legal issues in marine environmental protection and sustainable shipping

8.  Legal issues in polar shipping and maritime safety

9.  Issues of maritime and shipping law and policy for facilitating transport: free trade ports and integrated transport

10.  Innovation of maritime dispute resolution mechanisms