Conference Registration

Registration is open:

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Participants from foreign countries, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan

Mainland participants

Before 15 August 2018 (inclusive)

USD 400 per participant or USD 300 per participant under age 35.

Before 15 August 2018 (inclusive)

CNY 2000 per participant or CNY 1500 per participant under age 35.

After 15 August 2018

USD 500 per participant or USD 400 per participant under age 35.

After 15 August 2018

CNY 2500 per participant or CNY 2000 per participant under age 35.

50% discount of registration fee for each accompanying person.

(The accompanying person mainly includes the conference paticipants' close relatives, i.e. husband or wife. The accompanying person does not participate the conference, but can attend the conference lunch, dinner and tour.)

Please remit your registration fee by bank transfer to the following account.

Please indicate clearly in the postscript that the payment is for "ICML2018":







Shanghai Maritime University

A/C NO. 445559343770

Bank of China,Shanghai Deep Water Port Sub-Branch

No.9,Shun Tong Rd.

Shanghai Deep Water Port Business Plaza,

Nan Hui, Shanghai, China

Swiftcode: Bkchcnbj300














Please submit your bank slip via the Conference registration system after valid payment for the convenience of our timely verification.If you cannot participate the conference for any reason, please notify us in writing. If the notification is received before 1st October, all of your registration fee can be refunded; if received before 15th October, 70% can be refunded; if received before 22nd October, 50% can be refunded; After that, the refund is not possible at all.